Second Sight Paranormal Investigations and Forensic Services

"She finds them. They investigate them".

Our Team

Our Team currently uses the following equipment:

Rim Pod, Parascope 360, Parascope Prism, Poltercom Pico, Electrascope, SLS/KInect camera, K2 Meters, Voice Recorders, Cameras, Camcorders, SP7 Spirit Box, 4 Camera DVR System, 360 Puck Infrared Light, Flux 2 Response Device, SBox Ghost Box + Recorder, Rook EMF Meter with Sound, Full Spectrum POV Cam, Compact IR Light, Dual IR & Full Spectrum Light, Laser Grid Scope, EMF & Laser Grid Kit, K2 EMF Meter, Laser Grid Scope, GS Flashlight, Ambient Thermometer,Ghost Meters, Motion Sensor LED Night Lights,Thermal Camera, Boo Buddy Jr. EMF Trigger Bear, MagCam, Tesla Coil Acrylic Base Shell Arc Plasma Loudspeaker, Green Light Outdoor Torch Light, Movement Activated Doll, Several Trigger Objects, and more.

[ [Ericka Boussarahane ]  Psychic Medium
[ Bryan Lee Whatley ]  Lead Investigator
[ Richard Johnson ]  Lead Investigator
[ Robert H Wurzbach ?Reebok? ]  Evidence Analyst
[Rob Boothe ]  Tech Expert
[ Eric King ]  Audio Analyst
[ Valarie  Shakespeare ]  Crime Expert
[ Glen Gregory Means]  UFO/ET Expert
[ Shawn Enfinger ]  Cryptozoologist
[ Sabrina Phillips Hill]  Pagan Expert
[ Dr. Sal ]   Occultist
[Lisa ]  Historical Expert
Amy Paranormal Investigator
Dawn Paranormal Investigator
Jessica Paranormal Investigator
Marian Paranormal Investigator Marian
Michaelle Paranormal Investigator
Sherryll Paranormal Investigator
Tina Paranormal Investigator

Our Equipment!

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