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November 23, 2019
Join Second Sight Paranormal at Fort Morgan, one of Alabama’s most haunted places .

PARANORMAL INVESTIGATION & GHOST HUNTING with Second Sight Paranormal Investigation and Forensic Services as seen on TV!
Join Pensacola Paranormal Investigations, Ghost Tours, & Events, Second Sight Paranormal Investigations & Forensic Services, and International Psychic Medium Ericka Boussarhane for fully equipped ghost investigations. We provide Spooktacular PARANORMAL INVESTIGATIONS & GHOST HUNTING EVENTS at some of the Gulf Coast's most HAUNTED Locations. We will provide all the ghost hunting equipment, but feel free to bring your own!
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See what ghosts haunt the location!

Haunted History:
There are many haunted places located throughout Alabama, including historic homes, cemeteries, restaurants, hospitals and more. One of the state’s most haunted places is Fort Morgan—a historic masonry star fort that’s located along the Gulf Coast at the mouth of Mobile Bay, Alabama.

The construction of Fort Morgan began in 1819 and was completed in 1834. Its unique star shape made it much easier to defend. When Fort Morgan was built, it was considered the "finest example of military architecture in the New World."

During the Civil War, Fort Morgan experienced heavy fire. While the Battle of Mobile Bay took place, the Union set the fort on fire. This historic battle resulted in many deaths.

Fort Morgan has definitely seen its fair share of ghosts. One of the most haunted areas of Fort Morgan is the old barracks. In 1917, a prisoner committed suicide by hanging himself in the barracks of the fort. Since then, many people have reported hearing him cry during the late night hours.

Also, during the Civil War, a bomb went off in a room of the fort, killing many men. These men can still be heard screaming at night.

The ghost that many people are most familiar with is the one that belongs to a young woman. This woman was attacked sometime during the 19th century, and according to local lore, she still roams Fort Morgan looking for her attacker. All she wants is justice.

Fort Morgan is one of Alabama's true hidden gems. If you've never visited this historic battle site, make plans to do so. You won't be disappointed.

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